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Nordic Larp, the book.

The long-awaited volume, edited by Jaakko Stenros and Markus Montola, is finally out. And boy was it worth the wait! I expected something very nice but not magnificent, and was totally wrong. Hard covers, 320 pages of material with a very good layout and tons of excellent pictures.

Now, I have read and heard plenty of most of the 30 games inside, but not all of them. Really intriguing new material inside aplenty. The perspectives are fresh, and the slightly different target audience means that things are explained with a more beginner-friendly way. This is a very good thing. One can also see definite lines of influences in the book, going from one game to another, which is nice.

Nordic Larp is something you can hand over to someone dismissive of larp as juvenile, and have them very likely reconsider their opinion. It's an art book, no doubt about that, even if Stenros' very nice essay at the end critiques such definitions as too limiting.

I am glad to own a copy of the book, and to have been able to participate in writing it. A special thanks goes to the two people who provided the necessary photographs, Mikko Asunta and Sampsa Rydman, to the players who allowed themselves to be quoted and those who allowed their pictures to be seen, and of course my co-designer Nina Hämäläinen, without whom I would not have had the games to write about in the first place.

My sole complaint is that the font is a bit too small for comfortable, fast reading (and my own text has a couple of strange grammar mishaps, probably my own and not due to editing). Everything else is just great. Nordic Larp is a milestone, one that should be found on the shelves and tables of any serious fan of larp, as well as people involved in sibling arts. Go get a copy here. It's worth the money.

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