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Ropecon 2011.

At Ropecon (Finland's leading role-playing etc convention) this year, I ran two larps, my wife ran her first own tabletop game twice, and my son competed in several tournaments. Plus there was lots of Dalmuti, yes. My own games were The Tribunal, on its first actual run in Finland. Ten players, a success. Lots of really good players (some familiar, some complete strangers). Very nice, and powerful. (I have heard that it was run in Palestine recently, too.)

The other run was the second Belarus version, written by Aaron Vanek (aaronjv), of Mike Young's (ambug666) wonderful The Road Not Taken, the original of which I ran at Ropecon 2009. It was a definite success, with lots of physical play and very intense scenes.

Also, I attended two lectures. The first was on hypnosis as an explanation of ritual magic. I was not at all impressed. The speaker, an extremely self-centered male chauvinist, was hell-bent on avoiding actual discussion on ritual, cognition and so forth, while himself concentrating on ritual as just a way to results. To get an idea of how, think about someone talking about wine, saying that it's solely about getting drunk, and refusing to discuss any other aspect of it.

The other one was about larp as art. The speakers were much better prepared, and while obviously not familiar with earlier research on the exact subject (thus adapting other stuff), were quite willing to talk about it all with the audience. (An audience with several experts in it.) I think they'll provide some very impressive stuff in the future, and am glad that I went to hear them.

A very good con, all in all. Next up for me is Tracon, on September 3rd, in Tampere. I will lecture there on designing political larps, and running The Tribunal again.
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