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Dr. Harviainen.

I defended my doctoral dissertation successfully last Thursday against the brilliant Dr. Whitton. Today, I was formally granted the degree of Doctor of Philosophy by the School of Information Sciences, University of Tampere, Finland. I am very happy, also with what I heard of the appraisal, even though formally our School only recognizes two grades of "accepted". I placed on the high end of the lower degree. And that's awesome, because:

Markus Montola, who defended his a few weeks before me, got his degree in the same board meeting, rightfully earning the absolutely deserved "with distinction", which SIS gives just one per year, if at all. So it's been an extremely good day for academic role-playing scholarship.

On a related note, I've finally created a formal web page of my own, so as to make the promotion of relevant role-playing scholarship and teaching easier.

Also, a new peer-reviewed article by me, Richard D. Gough and Olle Sköld was apparently published today. More on that later, however, once I get the book.

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