Jiituomas (jiituomas) wrote,

WyrdCon 2013 Companion Book.

The WyrdCon 2013 book is finally out, published just in time to still be a 2013 volume. Lots of diverse content there, but pleasingly no really weak points whatsoever. A couple of the journalistic section parts (edited by Aaron Vanek) slip into being more commercial (read: advertisement) than analytic, and a couple of the academic, peer-reviewed contributions (edited by Sarah Lynne Bowman) do well with either framing or analysis, but fail to provide the other half.

The good sides, however, make all of these small problems disappear amost completely. The book is loaded with solid contributions in both parts, and even the articles of which I remain critical provide good tools people can build upon later. Because I watched several of the works develop from early versions to their full bloom, and because the book contains an article of my own, on larp management systems and structures, I feel not at all able to write an objective review of the contribution.

So I will simply say that give it a try - I enjoyed reading it a lot. The editors have gathered up some very, very useful essays. It provides something rather rare even within the Nordic tradition - academic texts that have direct, practical applications and journalistic articles that are also obvious academic contributions. So even if one half of the book looks not like your cup of tea, it may well be, if you give it a chance.

You can download the book for free here (or buy a hard copy version via Lulu soon).

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