September 6th, 2012


My Dissertation Now Online (Plus some Thoughts on Polishing)

My doctoral dissertation, Systemic Perspectives on Information in Physically Performed Role-play was published online today, without two of the articles. Those are still copyrighted by Sage, and will be added to the pdf next August, when the embargo period ends. The defence is at the University of Tampere, Finland, at noon, on October 18th.

Looking back at the dissertation, and my other recent works, I have come to understand that I suck at final wrap-ups of my texts. When I think something is finished, I can't bear to look at it with any thoroughness any longer. That's a very bad thing, when combined with how a lot of publishers do sloppy work and leave it for the author to correct their errors. I don't furthemore like reference-checking software, as it doesn't fit my writing style, and my experiences with proofreaders over the years have left me distrustful of them (too many try changing content along with language corrections, doing more harm than good). So I do things by myself, leading inevitably to some typos getting past me. So too here. As soon as things come out from the press, I start seeing all the errors I missed, once more, with annoying clarity.
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