November 12th, 2012


Polish Edu-Larp Book.

Normally, I'd write a review when I come across a new book on role-playing studies. This time, however, I can't understand what I have (just like I can't read the Russian or Czech larp works on my shelves...). In any case, LARP. Myśli i szkice, published by Gdanski Klub Fantastyki, looks very intriguing. Low on references, high on content - both essays as scenarios that have commentaries alongside them. It includes my own 2009 article, "Notes on Designing Repeatable Larps" as a translation, and also a Polish version of Morgan Jarl's "Creating a Character" from the same KP 2009 book. The local contributions appear intriguing to even a foreign eye, making me want to understand them.

The first print is apparently dealt out (as it wasn't sold, but rather just given to interested people), but there is hope for a second, expanded edition, I hear.
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