December 3rd, 2012

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Games, Social Media and Information.

Today, after a month's wait, I received my own author copy of the Emerald book Social Information Research, edited by Åbo Akademi luminaries Gunilla Widén and Kim Holmberg and published by Emerald. It's a peer reviewed publication about various facets of social media research (from a LIS perspective), with the author list including several brilliant people whom I really admire, from professors to fellow post-grad students.

My own contribution to it came as a part of "Information Phenomena in Game-Related Social Media", which I co-authored with two friends who share my interest in using LIS to understand games (and vice versa), Richard D. Gough and Olle Sköld. It continues to surprise me how little the connection of games, social media and information has so far been explored, so getting a book chapter out about that feels almost like trailblazing.

The book is very expensive, but also very important reading for researchers of social media from various fields and perspectives, not just LIS. (I especially liked Olsson's analysis of SoMe in the context of drama, something many a larp scholar should read, and Heck's chapter about SoMe in academic networking). So I wish what copies of it end up in university libraries will see heavy use, and that the occasional pre-publication draft will make its way into the right hands.

Damn proud to be included in such fine company, with such fine co-authors.
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