November 5th, 2013


Research developments.

In the time I have been neglecting this blog, several interesting pieces of academic role-playing research with which I am connected have turned up.

First of all, the fourth issue of the International Journal of Role-Playing has been published. It contains five articles selected from the Role-Playing in Games seminar at the University of Tampere, Finland, April 10-11, 2012. You can find it online for free here.

Also, my own doctoral dissertation has now been made available online, freely, in full. And in case you have not noticed the fact yet, Markus Montola's dissertation was selected last year's best at our university - a very big, impressive honor.

My wife and I have a chapter on larps in high schools, in Moseley and Whitton's excellent book "New Traditional Games for Learning".

Soon arriving will be more news, as certain journal issues, books and other things with which I have been involved start appearing.